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 Rotary Hoppers

Liberty LockSmith, Safes, Rotary Hoppers The rotary hopper depository safes are made for the deposit of small envelopes and small bags. These safes are ideal for use in service stations, trucks, convenience stores or any business where cash needs to be protected.

  • Rating: Burglary Resistant B Rated
  • 1/2" steel plate construction doors
  • 1/4" heavy duty steel body
  • Full boltwork and relocker
  • UL rated combination locks
  • Rotary Hopper protected by sawtooth baffle
  • Predrilled bolt holes - standard
  • Available in either key lock or combination
  • Optional UL Listed Group 1 Electronic Power Generated Combination Lock No Batteries or Wiring Required

Model Inside Dimensions inches Outside Dimensions inches Total Weight
Price USD
H W D H W D1
HT2716 n/a n/a n/a 27 16 19 208 Contact Us
HT2014 13 131/2 101/2 20 141/4 141/4 140 Contact Us
HT2514 17 131/2 101/2 25 141/4 141/4 155 Contact Us

1Add 1 1/4 inches to outside depth for handle & hinges

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