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  • Do buy the highest level of security that your budget will allow. High level security is recommended by the Police Department and Insurance Companies.

  • Do use the best quality locks to secure gates leading to your fire escape.

  • Do turn off the telephone ringer when you are away from home for an extended period. An unanswered telephone signals to intruders that no one is home.

  • Do install a 180-degree peephole so that you can inspect your hallway without opening the door.

  • Do ask to see the identity of someone claiming to be from the utility or telephone company. A genuine worker will be pleased that you asked and will give you their card. Inspect the card carefully before allowing them to enter your home.

  • Do re-key your locks immediately if you lose your key.

  • Do ask your locksmith for a valid license id. By law, he must carry one.

  • When in doubt, ask for advice from your locksmith or from the Crime Prevention Officer at your local precinct.

  • Do Not leave a spare key outside your home. Most hiding places are obvious to intruders.

  • Do Not leave your keys in or near the lock or where it might easily be seen and taken by a thief.

  • Do Not mark your keys with your identification or address.

  • If you have a telephone answering machine, Do Not leave a message revealing that you are away from home.
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Quality LockSmith
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