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T.H.S. is among the vanguard of systematic security consultants, offering a wide range of products protecting people, property and information. Liberty Locksmith is our exclusive representative in the New York City metropolitan area.

T.H.S. carries today's most sophisticated surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment. T.H.S. also designs unique security solutions to fit the assorted needs of its clients. Indeed, T.H.S. products run the gamut from secure computer systems to minute cameras to mail-scanning bomb detectors.

Upon request, T.H.S. technicians will analyze your work or home environment and suggest appropriate security upgrades and solutions. Your security is our top priority.

Among other services, we offer:
  • Video Surveillance

  • Bug Detection

  • Telephone Tap Detection

  • Audio Surveillance
  • Voice Stress Analysis

  • Radio Communication

  • Tracking Recovery

  • Scrambler Defeat System

For a discrete evaluation, please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our T.H.S. consultants.

Quality LockSmith
Quality LockSmith
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